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  1. Disable ad blocker
    An easy way to support the website is to disable your ad blocker for We only use Google Adsense and custom in-house advertisements. How to disable ad blocker extensions.
  2. Send me your games!
    Do you have a game you want to contribute to the website? Either one you made yourself (possibly decades ago!) or a game that for whatever reason isn't available on the web currently? Please contact me and I would be happy to take a look at it!
  3. Financial support
    I no longer accept financial support directly, but here are some links to some others that do that you can consider supporting. While I only make occasional updates to this website, these people spend hours creating quality content for you. Here are a few examples you should check out / support if able:

    • Pixelmusement - Kris Asick posts his Ancient DOS Games and No-Nostalgia Retro Gaming on this YouTube channel, definitely worth a watch. Sadly Shovelware Diggers is no more (for now?) but check out some of the old videos of that show too if you've never seen it. Support Kris via Patreon here!
    • Worlds of ZZT - Dr DOS runs the Worlds of ZZT YouTube channel as well as the Museum of ZZT. I love ZZT and these resources are possibly the best way to (re)experience ZZT today. Support Dr DOS via Patreon here!
    • GET OFF MY LAWN - James Stringer AKA Lawnie posts his Random DOS Game Show videos on this YouTube channel. Similar to Shovelware Diggers, he plays a game for a few minutes and gives his honest first take on it. Support James via Patreon here!
  4. Buy a game from
    Use the link when you buy games at to help support our site. GOG offers a large variety of DOS games ("Good Old Games") with no DRM restrictions!
  5. Get great web hosting
    I use Liquidweb as my cloud VPS host, and have been a customer for over ten years. I have always been pleased with their service. Trust me, I've used many hosts, and Liquidweb's managed hosting is top-notch, for dedicated hosting, VPS, whatever you need. By signing up with Liquidweb for your hosting needs you'll also help support this site via a referral bonus.
  6. Physical item donations: If you would like to snail mail me something, please contact me to discuss first.

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