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320 × 200
RALLYS.ZIP - 452k - Run RALLY.BAT to play
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Rally-Sports Track Editor (rsed9_1.zip, 499k) - Latest version of the editor to create your own tracks.

Rally-Sport screenshot
Rally-Sport gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Rally-Sport is a "cult classic" vector-graphics-based 3D rally racing game. It's technically impressive, and was created by a single developer. One of its big features is a track editor to make your own tracks (see the extra files to download it). The race begins, and you race one-on-one against the computer controlled car around the track. The graphics are impressive considering that no 3D card is necessary, however the demo/beta nature of the software is evident since there is not a lot of gameplay to go along with the admittedly gorgeous visuals (for a DOS game from 1996). The controls also take some getting used to! There are a variety of options that can be set from within the menu, but changing the keys isn't one of them.
A - Accelerate
Z - Brake
, - Turn left
. - Turn right
RALLY-SPORT Free demo.
Vector-graphics-based 3D rallying game.
Features: * Racing against computer driver,
* day- and night-time conditions * jumps and
roll-overs * sliding and collisions * crowd
* 3 different track types * ...and a lot
more for you to find out!
Req. 486 DOS 2 MB by Jukka Jakala

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