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Super Speed: Christmas Edition DOS game screenshot
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Up to 4 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
320 × 240

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Super Speed: Christmas Edition DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
A car racing game similar to the older game Super Sprint, or other variations like Micro Machines. This version has received a Chistmas-themed makeover ... however, the effect on the actual game is very small. You race your little red car around the track, picking up items and powerups, while trying not to crash. It can be fun, but it's tricky to get the hang of at first. Average VGA graphics and sound effects. (Note: I had some problems with the keyboard settings ... it wouldn't let me use some keys.)
▓▓ S U P E R  S P E E D        XMAS EDITION   ▓▓
▓▓ Version 1.2. This speedy car racing game   ▓▓
▓▓ delivers pure action for up to four        ▓▓
▓▓ players. Challenge your friends or compete ▓▓
▓▓ against the computer's drivers. Eventful   ▓▓
▓▓ tracks with all the obstacles you usually  ▓▓
▓▓ prefer not to find in real life driving.   ▓▓
▓▓ Requires: 386+, VGA.                       ▓▓
▓▓       Distributed by The Game Factory.     ▓▓

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