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Game-Maker screenshot
Game-Maker gameplay screenshot
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Game Maker Manual (Game-Maker-Manual.pdf, 26,786k) - The full original scanned PDF manual for using Game-Maker.

Gamer-Maker Github Repo (, 0k) - Get the software, full CD-ROM, and full source code on Github! Review:  Rating: 3.5
Game-Maker is one of the first commercially available game development systems for creating your own games. I remember seeing the ad in magazines and desperately wanting this software to make my own games. It looks impressive and was definitely an ambitious and influential piece of software, however its games ended up being a little clunky, and the abilities of the program itself were limited. It consisted of several somewhat integrated but separate tools (map maker, palette designer, monster maker ...) that were put together into a game without using any coding, everything was point-and-click. In 2014 the developers released the full software, including the GCS itself, CD-ROM with all of the extra files and games, as well as the source code. Get it all at the github repo! You can also get a PDF scan of the Game-Maker manual.

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