Birthday Game, The screenshot
Birthday Game, The gameplay screenshot
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Single player
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640 × 400
Birthday Game, The screenshot
Birthday Game, The gameplay screenshot
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The Birthday Game is an obscure puzzle / platforming game with a unique movement mechanic. The object is to collect all of the cake ingredients (like flour, butter, etc) on the level. You move your vehicle not by jumping, but by using a "levitator" (like a magnet?) which sticks you to the ceiling and allows you to move up and down, but you can't move too far down or go under solid bricks, otherwise your connection will break and you'll need to restart the level. It's an interesting concept and this game has eight levels for you to try, although unfortunately you won't be able to finish the game since it's the unregistered version. (The author notes in the docs that you're obligated to register if you want to play more than once! But the registration info is nearly 30 years old at this point so you probably don't need to worry about it ...) It seems like this might be good for kids but the "BEZ" guy (the author?) that greets you on the title screen is a bit creepy looking. Overall a game with a unique theme and gameplay gimmick.

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