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* Archived, Oct 2000
DynaMine screenshot
DynaMine gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4
DynaMine is a Tetris falling-block game knock-off with some unique features and a simultaneous two-player mode. In addition to clearing horizontal lines to move to the next level, you also must clear a number of gems from the playing field by including them in your horizontal lines. The first level starts with one, but later levels can have many. There are also more piece patterns than the typical Tetris game, some having three or five blocks. There are also special blocks that can appear, and even bombs that you can pick up and drop into the playing field, exploding and destroying everything within a certain radius. The two-player mode is a nice addition as well, so that you can play a head-to-head competition. There doesn't seem to be any interaction between the players though. Generally a pretty good, hi-res Tetris clone with some decent additions.
DynaMine 3.0  - Stack different rock 
formations in a pit in order to build layers 
and extract valuable gems. Try to avoid 
various obstacles, including invisibility, 
mutation, speed, and more! Use your dynamite 
to squeeze out of tight situations. 2-player 
competitive and cooperative modes make for 
fun but nerve-racking races to complete each 
round. Play 29 increasingly difficult levels.
Sound Blaster support, on-line help.

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