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Screenshot of Santaman Review:  Rating: 3.5
Santaman is a jumping/shooting game that is somewhat reminiscent of Jumpman or Lode Runner. The object is to collect the various objects and kill the various enemies on each non-scrolling level. The game is a tribute to "early 80's coin-ops", and has average graphics. It plays pretty well so if you are a fan of Jumpman, give it a try. Note that to start the game press Left Ctrl key to "insert coins", then press F1 to begin! (It also has a somewhat unique story, check the included readme file!)
DOS Games - Santaman
Santaman is a platform game from Dem Innovations
that has VGA
graphics and no sound support.
This platform game was made as a tribute to the
old classics. You
control a little Santa with a bazooka, and you
have to kill all
of the mutants on each level to go on to the next
of the mutants on each level to go on to the next
The Story: The year is unknown. A factory has
being used
by gang mutants for a long time and people say
strange things are
going on there. When Santaman heard about this,
he decided to
clean up the factory. Equipped with his bazooka,
he goes there to
see what he can do about it. Santaman is not a
hero and the
mutants are dangerous, but when it comes to
prevent this world
from self destruction, Santaman will always do
everything he can.

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