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Charlie 2 DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Charlie II is the sequel to Wiering Software's "Charlie the Duck". As such, it's similar to the original game. Very similar, in fact. It seems to use the same engine, and shares a lot of graphical touches and gameplay devices. The object of the game is to guide your duck through various Mario-like side-scrolling levels, collecting coins and gems. The graphics and sounds are still quite decent and the game flows quite well, although the way the action scrolls can be a bit tricky at times.
─═══════════─ CHARLIE II ─═══════════─
After the great success of Charlie the
Duck, Wiering Software has now created
a sequel! Charlie II is another smooth
scrolling action game with huge levels
to explore! For all ages. Version 2.04
(DOS), November 2003. Shareware, $15.

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