Volcano Hunter screenshot
Volcano Hunter gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($10)
Single player
For Kids:
720 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
1500 (Approximate)
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* Archived, Nov 2011
Volcano Hunter screenshot
Volcano Hunter gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Volcano Hunter is a port of a TRS-80 game from 1984. Therefore it's rather primitive in many ways, like its use of monochrome, blocky graphics with barely any animation. But there is surprising depth here, given the age of the game. The object is to collect all of the fuel tanks that are spread across the game's 200+ screens. To do so, you must run, jump, and bomb your way around the various screens, avoiding enemies and natural obstacles. Including falling off the edge of platforms! One online review notes that "anything kills you," which is not too far off the mark. Thankfully you start with seven lives, and you'll need 'em! Not exceptionally fun to play these days but definitely an interesting relic from the past.
Up Climb up ladder, or jump if no ladder is present
Down Climb down ladder
Left & Right Walk left & right
Space Drop a bomb (bomb is timed; hold down space longer to increase delay before it explodes)
P Pause game
C Continue game when paused
Alt+PrintScreen Quit

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