First and foremost, I thank God for blessing me in so many ways and providing for all my needs.

I also thank my loving wife who puts up with me, especially the 100's (!) of hours that went into creating and updating this website.

Free web libraries used:

Other notables:

  • DOSBox: Thanks to the crew for this amazing piece of software that lets us run most DOS games without any hassle.
  • MobyGames: Thanks to everyone who contributes to this great website, a fantastic source for information about thousands of games.
  • Joris Drenth: Thanks for helping with getting the in-browser DOSBox code working.
  • Let's Encrypt: Thanks for providing free SSL certificates!
  • Liquid Web: Thanks for being a great web host for the past many years, highly recommended.
  • VileR: Thanks for creating the Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack used on this site.
  • Astigmatic: Thanks for creating the free Luckiest Guy font used in the logo.

And of course YOU for visiting this website! ;)

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