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PhantomTris screenshot
PhantomTris gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 2.5
PhantomTris is, in most ways, a pretty typical Tetris clone. It looks like it's done in text mode, but a certain feature (I'll mention it in a moment) reveals that it's actually not. It plays the same way as regular Tetris: Drop the pieces, make lines, and clear 'em from the well. You can set they keys, the speed, and also the "zoom". What does "zoom" do? Well, it zooms in and out on the well while you're playing, making everything gradually smaller and then everything gets gradually larger again, then repeat. It's strange and distracting and not at all enjoyable, but hey, if you want to play Tetris except want to make it slightly more annoying, give it a shot ... (It says "PhantomTris II" on the title screen but "PhantomTris 2.0" in the manual so I went with the shorter name.)

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