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Single player
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240 × 150

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Raptor DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
I remember playing this for far too long. It's a fairly basic shooting game (gameplay-wise), however, it has nice looking graphics and SB sound effects. As you earn money for each enemy that you blast, you can use the cash to buy upgrades for your ship. This helps to give you an incentive to keep playing and collecting more money and more upgrades to power up your ship. It's enjoyable if you just feel like blasting stuff. It has a very good "feel" to it which has made it a favorite in the shoot-em-up genre.
Video review of Raptor courtesy ADG

Video Review

Video review of Raptor, courtesy of Ancient DOS Games

░▒▓█  RAPTOR ─ v1.2 from APOGEE! (VGA)  █▓▒░
░▒▓█ 386 (or higher) w/2 Megs REQUIRED! █▓▒░
Kill for cash! In the future as a mercenary
flying the super-tech Raptor, you'll be sent
on interplanetary missions to knock off top
competitors of MegaCorp. Upgrade w/ 14 hard
core weapons. Jaw-dropping VGA animation &
cinematics.  Supports all major sound cards,
including GUS, PAS16, & AWE32!  Developed by
Cygnus Studios.  Supports mouse & joystick.
Absolutely stunning VGA graphics & sounds!

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