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Up to 2 players, Shared keyboard competitive split screen
For Kids:
320 × 200

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Screenshot of Wacky Wheels Review:  Rating: 3
Seems like a rip-off of Super Mario Kart, with animals in place of the familiar Mario characters ... but it plays fairly well. It's a racing game where you choose a character and race go-karts around a track. Supposedly the engine for the game was created to try to recreate Mario Kart on PCs. Wacky Wheels itself features fairly good VGA graphics and sound effects, but the frame rate is quite low, and can even appear choppy. It can be fun, but Mario Kart is still better.
░▒▓█   WACKY WHEELS v1.1 from APOGEE!   █▓▒░
░▒▓█ 386 (or higher) w/2 Megs REQUIRED! █▓▒░
A high-speed, VGA 3D point-of-view, full
screen racing game. Shareware version has 5
race tracks plus specialty tracks for shoot
outs. Also, two player mode via split screen
at same PC, or via modem or serial cable.
Many options & features. Killer MIDI music &
digital sounds supporting most top boards.
Joystick, save games, cheats, it's all here!
The full game has 42 tracks & eight racers.

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