Saddam Hussein Target Game screenshot
Saddam Hussein Target Game gameplay screenshot
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Saddam Hussein Target Game screenshot
Saddam Hussein Target Game gameplay screenshot
GETSADAM.ZIP - 200k - Run GETSADAM.EXE to play
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Saddam Hussein Target Game (aka "Get Saddam" or "GETSADAM.EXE") is not at all good. It hardly even qualifies as a game. But it was nonetheless widely distributed in the early 90's and it's likely that a lot of people remember downloading it (as I do) so I figured I would include it here anyways. The main memorable thing about this thing is the PC speaker voice clips (I assume of the game developer?!) saying moderately offensive things pretending to be Saddam Hussein. Terrible in all ways, but still memorable if you played it at the time it was released ... (Note that this game will crash DOSBox if played using the default "svga_s3" machine setting, so use "vgaonly" for VGA or "cga" for CGA modes.)

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