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Screenshot of Stargunner Review:  Rating: 4
Stargunner is a little known shooting game (shoot em up) from Apogee, publishers of other great games like Commander Keen, Duke Nukem and (related by genre to Stargunner) Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Stargunner is a bit more simplistic than Raptor, but generally its no less fun to play, and includes decent low-res VGA graphics and booming sound effects. Levels are repetitious but that's somewhat expected from the genre. Overall its a well made shooter for fans of space shooting games along the lines of Gradius or Raiden.
░▒▓█    STARGUNNER from Apogee! (v1.1)   █▓▒░
░▒▓█  Amazing shooter blows away Raptor! █▓▒░
Never has the PC seen a more graphically
explosive shooter. Fully rendered & animated
enemies, with non-stop variety, plus complex
bosses.  Each mission, equip your ship with
new engines, weapons & special power-ups.
Triple-parallax scrolling, radical music,
secrets, hot effects--Stargunner has it all!
The new benchmark game for shooters! Get it!
For screen shots visit

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