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3D Cyber Puck DOS game screenshot
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3D Cyber Puck DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Also referred to as "3D Ball Blaster" (I prefer "Cyber Puck" ...) If you've ever dreamed of playing air hockey from the point of view of the paddle, then today is your lucky day! 3D Cyber Puck allows you to do just that in its 3D first person view perspective on the game of air hockey. The primitive 3D graphics do a decent job of displaying the playing field with fast animation, and there are a variety of different weapons and powerups that you can buy with credits you win. However the game itself is not very deep so replay value will likely be limited.
3D CyberPuck distributed by Ticsoft
Software. Best described as a soccer
derivative, this game is based on an
incredibly fast 3D engine, which allows
for natural looking graphic-effects.
In this man vs. machine battle, multiple
features help the player maintain
control over the magnetic ball and keep
the opponent in check. Among these are:
portable walls, gravity wells, boosters,
landmines etc. The registered version
features network mode and many more
useful tools. Requires: 386+, 540kB base
RAM and 2MB total RAM, VGA. (v1.01) 

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