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Screenshot of Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Review:  Rating: 5
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall is the second game in the Elder Scrolls series which later spawned the more recent Elder Scrolls games. It's a first-person view 3D RPG that was once called "best CRPG of the year" and "a flawed masterpiece" by Computer Games Magazine (link). Daggerfall is an open-world game fan's dream as it allows you to roam freely and do what you want in it's huge world. The world is said to be 62,394 square miles in size. For comparison, that is approximately 4000 times as large as Oblivion's world! (See this map, with Daggerfall's size listed on the side.) It's quite amazing a world so large was packed into a file so relatively small (149 megs). The full version of this game was released for free by its owner.

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