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Adventure Fun-Pak screenshot
Adventure Fun-Pak gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
One of two "paks" of games released by the famous Apogee Software VERY early in their company's storied history (the other pack being the Puzzle Fun-Pak), this collection contains 4 different games, of generally "okay" quality. Both packs were recently released by Apogee as freeware. The games contained in this collection are:
Rogue Runner: Similar but mostly inferior to the Kroz series of maze games.
Night Bomber: A Missile Command clone with ugly graphics ... didn't seem to work properly for me?
Raiders of the Forbidden Mine: It looks a lot like Pharoah's Tomb but plays quite differently/strangely.
The Thing: Blatant clone of "Hunt the Wumpus". How blatant? Well, theres a Wumpus in the game ...

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