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320 × 200

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Screenshot of Solar Winds Review:  Rating: 4
I had a bit of a problem putting this game in a category, since it includes quite a bit of adventure elements along with the shooting. You become a space pilot who is sent on various missions, and to complete them you must sometimes destroy another ship (or many ships) or sometimes simply pickup an item, or talk to the captain of another ship. The different genres gel well together, and the game includes smooth-scrolling VGA graphics. A bit like Star Control, I think. I've never really played Star Control, but it seems similar. :)
Space Arcade-Adventure game from Epic
MegaGames!  *HOT* thriller -- 256-color
VGA graphics,  SOUND BLASTER musical sound
track, digital sound effects,  Joystick &
mouse support.  You are JAKE STONE,  BOUNTY
HUNTER.  You'll take on the galaxy while a
detailed STORY develops, revealing a
devious plot.  Commercial-quality 1993
shareware release from EPIC!

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