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Corncob 3D DOS game screenshot
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640 × 350

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Corncob 3D DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Corncob 3D was one of the first shareware "3D" flight simulation games available. Its graphics are quite primitive by today's standards, but it does offer quite a variety of different options, and also a couple training missions to help you get adjusted to the game. This game was quite popular back when it was first released. The story involves an alternate history where WW2 never occurred, but instead you battle aliens in your "Corncob" plane. (This game was a predecessor to the popular "Pie in the Sky" game engine.)
Corncob 3D ver 3.42 by MVP Software .
As you hear the scream of KLA homing devices
that barely miss your wobbling Corsair, you
know you're in for the fight of your life.
You check your altitude gauge, then steel
yourself for another run at the enemy.
This is part of the action in Corncob 3D,
the best shareware air combat game ever.
Req VGA/SVGA and 286 or better.  Supports
AdLib, SB, joystick.  Updated version.

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