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Spelunker screenshot
Spelunker gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Spelunker is a simulation of cave spelunking. It is not a "game" per se, as there is no real objective, items to collect, dangers to avoid, points to gain, etc. You simply gather your gear and descend into a randomly generated cave, complete with hard to decipher CGA graphics, and attempt to explore its entirety. The caves don't seem to be generated very consistently; sometimes there is very little to explore. There are a lot of keyboard controls which vary depending on whether you're inside or outside the cave, so make good use of the in-program help. You'll also probably want to review the CAVE.DOC file for more instructions on how to accomplish certain tasks, most notably how to safely descend into pits. An interesting piece of software seemingly made by someone who knows a lot about spelunking, but I imagine that it's not particularly fun to play for most people.
Spelunker - uses your computer's random
number generator to create complex
caves. Explore and map the cave
complex, bringing the items you may
need, such as spare batteries, ropes
and grapples, and a map showing any
previous explorations. 

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