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Shareware ($10-15)
Up to 4 players, Turn-based shared keyboard/mouse competitive
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640 × 400
A Clue's Solution screenshot
A Clue's Solution gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
A Clue's Solution (sometimes called The Game of ACluSl) is a text-mode word / puzzle game. The game's docs describe it's premise thusly: "Solve a puzzle by guessing the letters that comprise it (Ala Wheel of Fortune). However, each puzzle consists of 2 parts: a set of related clues; and a solution category (Ala Jeopardy). The clues identify the solution with each clue making it more obvious (usually)." The game allows 1-4 human players, and comes with five sets of puzzles, in the categories Movies, Places, Quotes, States, and Potluck. Overall it plays well using mouse and/or keyboard and could still be a lot of fun for a small group of friends who enjoy Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or other such games.
The Game of ACluSl (A Clues Solution): V2.0; by Richard Nikula; This game is best described as a cross-breed. It is somewhat like Wheel of Fortune, somewhat like Jeopardy, and also like Trivial Pursuit (and probably a couple of others that I didn't name). The goal is simple. Solve a puzzle by guessing the letters that comprise it (Ala Wheel of Fortune). However, each puzzle consists of 2 parts: a set of related clues; and a solution category (Ala Jeopardy). The clues identify the solution with each clue making it more obvious (usually). It helps to have a good memory and know a bit of trivia (Ala Trivial Pursuit).

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