Haunted House screenshot
Haunted House gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($5)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
800 (Approximate)
Haunted House screenshot
Haunted House gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (hhouse.zip, 106k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_HAUNTEDHOUSE.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file, hhouse.zip, is the original and may require installation / setup.

DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Haunted House is an obscure text-mode game with an interesting premise. The object is to rescue Amber from a haunted house. You need to find three keys (dropped randomly by killing monsters) and collect 1000 gold (also dropped by monsters) before you can rescue her. The house is not so much "haunted" as it is filled with a huge variety of enemies, including an ape, an owl, a mummy, a vampire, and a slime monster, among others. The position of monsters and items (and Amber) are randomized, but the layout is always the same. Luck plays a big part in this game because if you don't get the items you need (like MORE FOOD!) you will have no chance to win. Your chances of rescuing Amber are slim (more likely you'll die before collecting any keys or gold!) but at least you can score points for what you accomplish before you die! NOTE: This game works in DOSBox but not currently in the browser-based version. If you can't move when you start the game turn NUM LOCK on/off, even if it's already on!
Turn CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK on. If you can't move when you start the game turn NUM LOCK on/off, even if it's already on!
Numeric keypad Move (make sure num lock is ON; you can move diagonally)
5 Fight a monster
0 Use elevator
Z Rest and regain your strength
D Drink a potion
q Quit

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CTRL-F12 attempts to speed up game, CTRL-F11 attempts to slow it down. See Instructions section above for help playing the game!

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