Nebula Fighter screenshot
Nebula Fighter gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($29.95)
Up to 2 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard
For Kids:
320 × 240
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* Archived, Jun 1998
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Nebula Fighter screenshot
Nebula Fighter gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Nebula Figther is a little-known shoot-em-up in the style of R-Type, Gradius, and other horizontal shooters. Story? Who needs it? Blast everything in your path and do so without getting shot too many times yourself ... that's all the story you need! I think there may be a story but whatever, it's all about the shooting action, which looks great with detailed graphics and fast, frantic action. You collect powerups which gradually upgrade your ship. You also have a life bar which is a welcome addition so that you don't blow up every time you're hit. Some of the enemy projectiles are difficult to see, so perhaps that's why you've given a bit more leeway. The shareware version includes 5 levels, each of them decently long. There is also a simultaneous two-player mode which is always a great feature.
  NEBULA FIGHTER V1.0 by One Reality *SVGA*
Super arcade action side scrolling shooter.
Blast your way through the hordes of fully
rendered 3D enemy ships. Try to stay alive in
fully 3D rendered asteroid fields. 24 frames
of animation for each boss. Collect power-ups
to increase your fire power. Digitized back
grounds and absolutely NO hand drawn graphics
Sounds, Music, Parallaxing Backgrounds and
Much more!  Copyright One Reality.

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