Denarius Avaricius Sextus screenshot
Denarius Avaricius Sextus gameplay screenshot
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Shareware (£8)
Single player
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320 × 200
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2000 (Approximate)
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Denarius Avaricius Sextus screenshot
Denarius Avaricius Sextus gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Denarius Avaricius Sextus is a relatively unknown graphic adventure game along the lines of King's Quest or Secret of Monkey Island. Perhaps it's unknown due to its complicated name? Anyways, this adventure takes place in ancient Rome, in fact the documentation states that it's "the shareware world's first (as far as we know) graphical interactive adventure game about a Roman citizen with red hair". Okay then. The game has 16-color graphics and you type in your commands (like "LOOK" or "GET ITEM"). It seems like the authors thought their game was hilarious, however the humor sometimes comes across as a bit tedious. I'm not sure about the depth and length of the game since I didn't make it very far; however it seems to have a competent adventure engine that the authors have built from scratch. Note: To save and load games (only on your downloaded copy since this won't work on the in-browser version) type "SAVE" or "LOAD" into the parser, or press ESC and go to the "File sub-menu".

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