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Single player
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320 × 200
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1000 (Approximate)
Rallyx screenshot
Rallyx gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Rallyx is a clone of the classic Namco arcade game Rally-X. In the game you drive your car around collecting flags and avoiding enemy cars. There is a mini-map which you can glance at to see where the other cars currently are within the maze, but looking at it takes your attention away from your actual car which makes it tricky to use. If you are able to collect all the flags before losing all your lives (cars) you can progress to the next (very similar) stage. The game plays well enough and the graphics are passable although certainly not flashy. (The game's documentation is not in English, but the game itself is, and reading the docs is not required to play the game.)

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