Catacombs of Nemon screenshot
Catacombs of Nemon gameplay screenshot
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Catacombs of Nemon screenshot
Catacombs of Nemon gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
The Catacombs of Nemon is not an RPG/adventure game, as you might assume from its name. In fact in this game you play as a flashlight searching for keys. (Ah, sure why not?) Your flashlight shines a beam, and you must use the beam to illuminate the keys, which reveals their number. You must collect them in the correct order (1-2-3) and then get to the flashing exit to complete the level. Hazards begin to appear quickly, so you have to move fast. The CGA graphics and PC speaker sound effects are strong indicators of the game's early 80's origins. The key gameplay element of shining light to reveal the correct order is unique, and the action can be fast-paced and difficult. There is not much depth to the game but it's worth a try anyways. (It includes a .BAS file which I presume contains game art, but I'm not sure which version of BASIC is required to view the code.)

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