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Game Builder Lite screenshot
Game Builder Lite gameplay screenshot
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Game Builder Lite (Shareware) (, 402k) - The shareware version of Game Builder Lite. Review:  Rating: 2
A system that supposedly allows you to create your own Sierra-like adventure game. However, although it features EGA graphics, walk-behinds, etc. I found the system to be limiting in many ways (besides the fact that it allows you to create only adventure games) and that it wasn't easy or intuitive to use. Check it out, but be wary ... AGS (Adventure Game Studio) is probably a more robust and overall better choice. (Note that this download is now actually for the full version, Game Builder Pro, which was released for free by MVP Software.)
GameBuilder Lite v3 by MVP Software.
 Create graphics adventure games with no
 programming.  Your games can include 256
 color graphics, main character and background
 animation, masking, object inventory and
 detection, music and sound effects, and more,
 with a powerful point 'n click interface just
 like the pros use!  Easy enough for children;
 sophisticated enough for savvy gamers.
 Supports CGA, EGA, VGA; mouse recommended.

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