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Trap screenshot
Trap gameplay screenshot
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Trap is a simple, relaxing text-mode game ("now in color!" says the game when you start it up) where the object is to trap all of the monsters (ASCII char 16's) between rotating doors. You move your character (the @ symbol from numerous roguelikes is moonlighting here) around the room, moving the doors around to try to trap 'em. You can't die so you're actually racing to trap them as fast as possible to earn the best score. It's deceptively tricky. (And freeware, despite what the FILE_ID.DIZ says. Apparently it was $5 but this version is free.) Source code in BASICA / GW-BASIC included!
Trap (Bruce Brandt; $5) is an unusual
and interesting game in which you try to
move doors to trap the monsters in the
least amount of time.

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