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Duel screenshot
Duel gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Duel is a two-player deathmatch game done in high-res text mode. One of its big features is a built-in editor which allows you to create your own levels. The game includes a wide variety of different objects that can be placed within the levels, and the color / character of each can be customized. However the game only includes one level set (ZONE.MAP) and I'm unaware of any other user-created maps available elsewhere. The editor is also not very intuitive to use (compared with something like ZZT for example. But if you have another person who's willing to play a 25+ year old textmode deathmatch game with you sharing the same keyboard, give it a shot!
DUEL 4.0 - By Matt Ebel - REQUIRES: 386-dx40+, VGA
Duel is a fast-paced, 2 player battle game designed to be run 
on ONE computer! Battle in a mine-filled, acid-covered, 4-level arena 
with weapons ranging from your trusty pistol to the 'body-blasting'
bazooka! Travel up and down stairs, shoot through windows, fall through
pits, all while blasting your best friend with poison grenades, rockets
bombs, and more! Line-of-sight mode changes levels from fast-paced blood-
baths to frantic search-and-destroy missions, and the Built-in random-
map-maker makes for endless hours of play! Character-based graphics adds
ease and simplicity to creating a level, yet has complexity in game-play 
exceeding that of many sprite-based games. 

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