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Absence gameplay screenshot
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Absence screenshot
Absence gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Absence is a mod (total conversion, I would say) of Wolfenstein 3D. After id Software released the Wolf3D source code, many people made their own maps, mods, and full conversions, of which Absence is recognized as being ground-breaking and worthwhile within the community. It of course include new levels, a new storyline, new graphics and sounds (although many are ripped from other games like DOOM) and the addition of new features not found in Wolf3D, such as finding written notes, or acquiring items from walls. If you enjoy Wolf3D you will likely also enjoy this game. (Note: The yellow keycard in the first level is tough to find but keep searching, you'll find it eventually! It's location is a seeeecret ...)

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