Robots from Hell screenshot
Robots from Hell gameplay screenshot
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Robots from Hell screenshot
Robots from Hell gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Robots from Hell is a simple puzzle / strategy game where the object is to make it to the exit while avoid the "killer robots from hell". To do so, you move in any of 8 directions across the tiles, trying to lure the robots into the electric fences to kill them. Luckily the killer robots are not too bright, simply heading straight for you, so if there is an electric fence between you and the robot, they will run into it and die. Not a very complex game, but it does include "designer" levels as well as the option to randomize levels (which may not be winnable of course). Notes: You probably will need a numeric keypad to play this. Also do NOT press the SPACEBAR key during the game, it seems to lead to a debug screen and then crashes the game!

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