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Beneath Apple Manor screenshot
Beneath Apple Manor gameplay screenshot
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Beneath Apple Manor is one of the earliest examples of what now is usually termed a "roguelike" game. It's a primitive RPG (originally released on the Apple II platform in 1978!) where you are on a quest to find the Golden Apple while exploring randomly generated dungeons; and only dungeons, there are no other locations. Although there is no character creation per se, you do get to customize the difficulty of the dungeons and a few other options when you start the game. (I recommend NOT accepting the "standard game" and choosing an easier difficulty if you want to survive!) Since it's such an early game it lacks many of the features that later games have, but it's an amazing early example of a game with randomly generated levels. Note: Choose "R" (RGB) for graphics mode when playing in DOSBox. (Author Don Worth has released the game for free on his website.)
Keyboard commands courtesy Home of the Underdogs:
COMMAND                                	USAGE COST
N*      North                           DEXTERITY and 1 or 2 turns
S*      South                           DEXTERITY and 1 or 2 turns
E*      East                            DEXTERITY and 1 or 2 turns
W*      West                            DEXTERITY and 1 or 2 turns
R*      Run away in panic          	Half of DEXTERITY and 1 turn
B*      Bash door            		STRENGTH and 1 turn
K*      Knock at door     		STRENGTH and 1 turn
O       Open door                    	-
L       Listen at door              	-
I       Search for secret passages 	3 turns
A*      Attack a monster              	STRENGTH and 1 turn
O*      Open treasure                   1 turn (BODY if trapped)
D       Drop gold                      	Gold lost
1-9     Wait # turns                	# turns
0       Wait to rest        		0 or several turns
?       Status of player                -
Z*      Zap monster                     up to 1/2 INTELLIGENCE and 1 turn
H       Heal                        	1/10 INTELLIGENCE and 1 turn
X       Xray vision spell               1/4 INTELLIGENCE +15 and 3 turns
T*      Teleportation                   Gold, 1/4 INTELLIGENCE + 5 and 1 turn

(Commands denoted with * can produce noise which attracts monsters within 3 squares of distance)

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