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Bubble Trouble

Views: 781990SharewarePuzzle F. Dodd
Bubble Trouble is an interesting game for one or two players where the object is to drop bubbles and make lines of 3 or … VIEW

FBI Fred

Views: 3491992SharewareSidescrolling Richard Spezzano
FBI Fred is a strange EGA platforming game starring "FBI Fred" who looks a little like the OG Duke Nukem and spends his … VIEW

Dork's Dreams

Views: 2551991FreewareSidescrolling Thomasz Pytel
Dork's Dreams is a charming platforming game, complete with a cinematic introductory sequence to explain the game's … VIEW

Dr Mario

Views: 3181992SharewareTetris Style J. David Hamilton
Dr Mario is an unofficial clone of the popular game by Nintendo. (Please don't sue!) The author only asked for $1 for … VIEW

Moraff's Morejongg

Views: 2881992SharewareTraditional (Board Games) MoraffWare
Moraff's Morejongg is a single-player Mahjongg game. Like other Moraffware titles, it uses a unique graphical style, and … VIEW

Deux Trois Quatre

Views: 2331993SharewarePuzzle Roger D Hamilton
DTQ (or Deux Trois Quatre as it says on the title screen and nowhere else) is a match-two game where you flip over … VIEW


Turbo Bridge allows you to play the card game of Bridge on your computer which uses text mode. Up to four human players … VIEW

Space Commanders II

Views: 4991985FreewareSpace Shooting ajf
Space Commanders II is just a Space Invaders clone, but it's interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it is itself a … VIEW

Bridge Hopper

Views: 3171990FreewareAction I. Harness
Bridge Hopper is a simple timing & reflexes game, similar to the old Game & Watch series of games by Nintendo. A … VIEW

NOW: A Computer Chess Program

NOW is a chess program where you play against the CPU. According to the docs, it was a powerful chess program at the … VIEW

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