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Pea-ESP! 2

Pea-ESP is a program to test whether you possess ESP, ie Extrasensory Perception. It includes a lot of discussion about … VIEW


Views: 2461993SharewarePuzzle Louis DeSetto
Impede (or IM-PEDE as it shows in-game) is a variant on the Snake / Nibbles type game. The main difference here is that … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  snake  maze  dots  timer

Fukuoka Wings

Views: 1832024FreewareSimulation / Strategy Pasi Toivonen
New DOS games are still being created in 2024! Fukuoka Wings is a text-mode airline business simulator inspired by a … VIEW

Magic Hoops

Views: 3171994SharewarePuzzle Brian Rickman
Magic Hoops is a simple text-mode game based on an idea the author found in an old textbook. The object is to rotate the … VIEW


Views: 4401994SharewareSidescrolling New Wave Media
JimBall is a simple platforming game where the object is to get your green bouncy ball to the exit (yellow square). You … VIEW

Stock Shock

Views: 7281987SharewareSimulation / Strategy Kevin Menningen
Stock Shock is a simple stock market simulation game which uses mostly text-mode graphics, except for the graphing … VIEW

Moving Boxes

Views: 4151992FreewarePuzzle Nicholas Galloway
Moving Boxes is a block color matching game similar to the old Crash Down Flash game and many other similar games. It … VIEW

Darklight Conflict

Darklight Conflict is a space combat simulation game in the same vein as the Wing Commander series. You pilot one of … VIEW


Views: 5891990FreewareAction Rinzai Satori
Xaptron is a very basic shooting game with decent technical qualifications for a free game made in 1990. The goal is … VIEW

Text Bomber

Views: 5661997FreewareAction PLBM Games
Text Bomber is a simple textmode action game where the goal is to drop bombs to eliminate targets. I'm not sure what the … VIEW

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