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Screenshot of Secret Agent Review:  Rating: 3
A fun platform game from Apogee which includes a lot of gameplay value. This game uses the same engine (and some of the same gameplay devices) as Crystal Caves, also from Apogee, however this game was a bit dated (technology-wise) upon its release and was largely overlooked. Still, it's EGA graphics are decent to look at and don't distract from the game. This game has you playing as "Agent 006½" (haha) and exploring technology-themed espionage levels. Definitely recommended if you enjoy Apogee's other famous games.
ALL-NEW for Feb. 1992. EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen scrolling adventure/action game
were you play a top agent who must retrieve
stolen plans to a deadly laser satellite.
Action and puzzles galore! 2005 Update 1.0a

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