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Crime Fighter DOS game screenshot
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Up to 4 players, Shared keyboard turn based
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No. Violence and/or sexual content
475 × 260

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Crime Fighter DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Crime Fighter shares a couple of things in common with the popular Grand Theft Auto series ... at least in terms of style. Despite the name, you don't do much crime fighting here since you play a recently released criminal on a crime binge. Unlike GTA, this is primarily a strategy game, where you explore the town and commit crimes, interspersed with some puzzles or simple minigames. Overall, it's an interesting game which provides a lot of variety ... just don't try any of this stuff in real life!
CRIME FIGHTER V1.5: Strategy-, adventure-, 
action-game. Up to four players try to seize 
the power in the underworld. For this they 
have to commit as many crimes as possible 
(raid banks, attack mail trains, steal cars, 
etc.). English and German texts. Nice
EGA/VGA-graphics, animations.
Author: Peter Steffen, ASP,

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