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Everest: Iceman's Apprentice screenshot
Everest: Iceman's Apprentice gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Everest: Iceman's Apprentice is a mountaineering (mountain-climbing) simulator. It aims to approximate the experience of climbing a mountain, except without the physical toil and potential of falling to your doom. In the shareware version, you can climb one of two peaks (Rainier in Washington State, or Ama Dablam in Nepal). To progress, you choose which equipment your team should bring, where they should move to next, when they should set up camp, etc. I have absolutely no experience with mountaineering but this game doesn't make me want to start anytime soon. Although it features some high-res photos, the gameplay doesn't feel particularly engaging. Also, you don't even get to climb the game's namesake mountain Everest unless you're able to track down a registered copy!
Everest: Iceman's Apprentice by MVP.
Experience the thrill and challenge of
planning and executing arduous climbs
of the world's greatest peaks. Features
professional photography of mountains
in this unusual game. Will you lead your
expedition to great heights, or will you
be overtaken by numerous perils that
befall foolish or unlucky climbers? Req
386+, VGA, mouse; sound card optional.

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