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Digger Extra Bonus Content (digextra.zip, 415k) - Level editor, extra levels, icons, Windows 95 file associations, hall of fame games, screensaver, high scores utility.

Digger screenshot
Digger gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4
Quite similar to the classic games DigDug and Mr.Do, this game gained some sort of PC gaming cult status. I had a couple of requests for this one since starting the site, so I figured I'd better add it. It plays well, offers lots of command line options, and you can turn off the music! (It's not that bad for PC speaker music, but after playing games and listening to MODs for so long, I've grown rather tired of the "Popcorn" song.) The graphics are nicely done in CGA, and overall it's a fun game to play. (Technically this is a reverse-engineered version of the original Windmill Software game, released for free by Andrew Jenner.)

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