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320 × 200

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Terroid DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
Ready to shoot stuff? In space? Yep. That's what happens in Terroid. It's a classic R-Type style shooting game where you shoot other ships and pick up powerups. Some parts of this game are a bit strange though. Like why is your ship so big? What do the powerups actually do (most don't seem to do anything)? Why is the music so terrible? Fans of the genre, or classic game competionists, may want to check it out. But it's not a high point in the genre's history. One interesting note is that if you choose "Informations" in the menu you're given a multi-screen backstory for the game, which is often missing from shmups.
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ TERROID ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
You are alone!  Your home-planet  has
been  destroyed  by  the  people from
XRIMA.  Only YOU can free the Orbians
from  death  and  slavery. Blast your
way   through  space,  orbit,  planet
surface and  the  megacity  on  XRIMA
and free your people!  TERROID  is  a
classic - arcade  game,     featuring
completely  raytraced enemy graphics,
Multilevel - parallax-scrolling  with
ground,    platforms,   enemies   and
clouds / meteorites,     hundreds  of
different enemies, different weapons,
etc.  Shareware  by  LOMAX  Software.

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