Category description: Sports games run the gamut of both professional and recreational sports, including baseball, football (both American and "soccer"), basketball, hockey, golf, bowling, and many more. Some are direct simulations, others are more fanciful interpretations!
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3D Cyber Puck

Also referred to as "3D Ball Blaster" (I prefer "Cyber Puck" ...) If you've ever dreamed of playing air hockey from the … VIEW

4D Boxing

4D Boxing attempts to recreate the sport of boxing more accurately than a lot of popular computer or arcade game based … VIEW

AM's Mini Golf 3D

Views: 1,6861996SharewareSports Andrew McNab
AM's Mini Golf 3D is a competently done mini golf game with a 3D perspective that can be rotated, zoomed, and angled. … VIEW

Arcade Volleyball

Views: 20,5821988FreewareSports Rhett Anderson
A classic volleyball type game, where you control a big nosed guy and try to use your head to knock a volleyball over a … VIEW

Arcade Volleyball Deluxe

Views: 1,4361998FreewareSports Apocalypse
Arcade Volleyball Deluxe is an "upgrade" of the classic Arcade Volleyball game by different authors. The group going by … VIEW

Armchair Quarterback

Views: 7,9881985SharewareSports Pseudonym Software
Armchair Quarterback is a text-mode American football simulation. You choose your team, flip a coin, and start choosing … VIEW


Views: 4,0091988SharewareSports Russell J. Yuma
Baseball is a text-mode baseball simulation / action game. The game looks like it would be a fun game using simple ASCII … VIEW


Views: 18,6961991SharewareSports Richard Olsen
Looking for a fishing game? This one looks pretty good as a peaceful sort of semi-simulation of the normally relaxing … VIEW

Bowling Champ

Views: 17,2001984FreewareSports Compute! Publications
Bowling Champ!! (the title screen uses two exclamation points) is a very simple game which uses text-mode ASCII graphics … VIEW

Buick Dimensions: The Buick Open

Views: 2,0611990FreewareSports InMar Group, Inc., TheBuick
Promotional games were apparently pretty popular in the late 80's and early 90's, with several companies putting out … VIEW

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