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Screenshot of Balloon Challenge Review:  Rating: 3.5
Balloon Challenge is a puzzle game with much in common with several of Soleau Software's other similar EGA/VGA puzzle games, but with some unique rules of its own. The object is to get your balloons as high as possible on the game board. After choosing a balloon, it will float up the screen, and change directions based on what it hits. So you must choose your balloons carefully! Not tremendously exciting but there is an element of strategy to the game and the playing field will be different every time that you play. Don't try to play with your friends, however, since there is no mutliplayer mode; you can only play against the computer.
Balloon Challenge pits you against the 
computer as you try to launch your 25 
balloons into a sky maze filled with planes,
rain clouds, hurricanes and much more!  The 
higher the balloon can rise into the sky, the
higher the score. You have to use logic and 
blocking strategies in order to beat the
Computer. Beautiful animated graphics make 
this a game for all ages!

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