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Up to 3 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
480 × 263

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Screenshot of Redhook's Revenge Review:  Rating: 4.5
Redhook's Revenge is a sort of pirate board game. The game is played by up to three players (human or computer controlled) who roll dice to move their ships around the map. After each role a seemingly random event or minigame will occur, usually a pirate or sailing based trivia game. (Its kinda like Mario Party but without a lot of the excitement.) Still it plays well, has beautifully crafted graphics, and should be a nice relaxing boardgame style experience.
Redhook's Revenge! v1.1 1 Feb 93. 2 or 3
animated pirate characters compete for
for the most gold doubloons. Inspired by
and the novel Treasure Island. Fight
cites, discover treasure, brave storms,
buy cannons, answer trivia questions,
etc. Lots of humor, artwork, and fun!
Soundblaster, Adlib, and mouse support.
Requires VGA and 640K. ImagiSOFT, Inc.

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