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Original archive (, 6,684k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original.

Screenshot of One Must Fall 2097 Review:  Rating: 4
One Must Fall 2097 is a futuristic one-on-one fighting game in the style of other popular fighting games of the time such as Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and numerous others. Upon release, the game was praised for its graphics, smooth gameplay mechanics, and innovative features. Based on the game developer's initial demo, this game takes place far in the future, with mech-like robots fighting each other. There are several game modes: One player vs computer, two player competitive combat, or tournament mode. The last mode is the most innovative: You start by creating your own character to pilot your robot, then gain experience and new powers as you defeat other robots. Sort of like some minor RPG mechanics. Graphically, the game looks good for its time, and the music is pumping, as long as you like early 90's techno! Not the best fighting game ever, but certainly one of the best made for PCs in the 90's. (The game's developer, Diversions Entertainment, released the game as freeware back in 2003 so the download available on is the full version of the game. A remake project which is open source, OpenOMF, also exists for Windows / other modern OSes.)

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