Jack Flash screenshot
Jack Flash gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
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8000 (Approximate)
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Jack Flash Shareware (1flash.zip, 566k) - The shareware version of Jack Flash.

Jack Flash screenshot
Jack Flash gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Jack Flash seems inspired by the great platforming games made by companies like Apogee and Epic in the early 90's. It doesn't quite achieve greatness like some of those games, but it's a decent enough game that hasn't received much attention. You of course play the titular Jack Flash, who has been tasked by the government to subdue the "things" that have been brought to life by a mad scientist. You do so by using your energy gun, which works sort of like the Ghostbusters' proton packs. It must be recharged regularly at generator stations (hold Enter while standing in front of one) to continue subduing the "things". The primary issue with the game is the floaty movement and jumping controls, as well as the sometime dodgy camera (which can be moved to look around thankfully). It has a unique feel to it and overall is enjoyable to play. If you remember it nostalgically or want to try a different kind of platformer, worth checking out! (MVP Software released the full version of this game for free.)
Jack Flash by MVP Software. Jump into the
action with Jack and his Succ-O-Matic as you
try to stop Evil Eddie and his dastardly
"things" from destroying the universe.
Parallax-scrolling, side-splitting humor.
More zest than a Microsoft press release.
More action than a Stallone flick, and cuter
too! Relive the good old days when mad
scientists threatened mankind and games were
fun! Req 386, VGA; supports most sound cards.

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