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Single player
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320 × 200

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Charlie the Duck DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
As soon as you run this game, you can tell it's going to be an experience that's higher quality than your average shareware game. The VGA graphics in this sidescrolling Mario-esque jumping game are very nice, and there are some SB sound effects too. (Unfortunately no music.) The gameplay consists of just getting to the next level. Probably influenced by the Great Giana Sisters (which itself was highly "influenced" by Mario). Charlie the Duck is quite fun to play, although unforgiving, so plan your jumps carefully!
─═══════════─ CHARLIE THE DUCK ─═══════════─
Smooth scrolling action game by Mike Wiering
starring a cute duck. Guide Charlie through
several beautiful levels filled with hidden
surprises. Collect coins and diamonds, avoid
all kinds of dangerous enemies! Demo version
2.2 (July 2001). Requires 286+, VGA.

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