Raku Master screenshot
Raku Master gameplay screenshot
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640 × 350
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Raku Master screenshot
Raku Master gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Raku Master is a tile-flipping puzzle game from Soleau Software where the object is to flip all of the red tiles to gray. You do so by selecting a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and flipping all of the tiles in that row to their opposite sides. The game (okay, the "Raku Master" aka creepy floating eyes) will let you know the minimum number of moves required to solve the puzzle. The presentation is typical of Soleau games and uses a lot of the same graphical assets. It's good for a person who enjoys these kinds of puzzles. This game is VERY similar to another Soleau game, Bolo Box, except that game doesn't have the creepy Raku Master eyes.
Raku Master  v1.1  Req.EGA/VGA
The object of the Raku is to flip all the
red tiles back to gray in as few moves as
possible. You can flip either diagonally,
or up and down starting at any tile. The
Raku Master will tell you the exact number 
of moves he can solve the puzzle. If you 
don't believe him, then let him solve the
first 10 of 50 puzzles for you. This game
is a challenging test of your logic skills.

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