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320 × 200

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Cosmo DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is one of Apogee's great EGA sidescrollers. Having been apparently abandoned by his parents, Cosmo must ... well, the story doesn't really matter here. This game plays similarly to Commander Keen, as you must platform your way through the levels. There is no world map here, you simply progress from one level to the next. Cosmo has some added abilities, however, like using his suction-cupped hands to grab onto walls to climb. One of the lesser-known Apogee classics, although the framerate is lower than other comparable games of the time (apparently due to the parallax scrolling).
Video review of Cosmo courtesy ADG

Video Review

Video review of Cosmo, courtesy of Ancient DOS Games

ALL-NEW, Mar. 1992. SUPERB EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen wide adventure/action game made
with SUPERIOR graphics than our Duke Nukum.
Show-stopping animation!  FIRST EVER IBM PC
theme songs!  Help Cosmo rescue his parents
on a peril-packed planet!  80286+ required!

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