Falcon 3.0 screenshot
Falcon 3.0 gameplay screenshot
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Falcon 3.0 screenshot
Falcon 3.0 gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4
Falcon 3.0 is a F-16 flight simulator game that sold over 700,000 copies by the end of the 90's. As you might expect, it simulates flying a F-16 fighter jet, and you get to do a lot of shooting, taking down enemy planes. The game's own promotion extols its greatness as being the best F-16 sim at the time, and certainly it was loved by fans of the genre, despite its many bugs. (It was considered a very buggy game.) If you are a fan of flight sims, definitely check it out. (I'm relying mostly on what other people have said since I don't really play these kinds of games myself!)

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