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Encroaching Gloom gameplay screenshot
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Encroaching Gloom screenshot
Encroaching Gloom gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
The Encroaching Gloom is a different take on the typical ASCII-graphics Roguelike-looking strategy-ish game. Each map is randomly generated of course, and your goal is to collect as much treasure as you can while staying alive as the "encroaching gloom" grows and covers more and more of the level. It only continues to advance and cover the level when you move, making this a strategic movement game as you attempt to maximize your steps to collect the greatest amount of treasure. The game is inventive and relaxed to play, and the levels it generates have their own unique look to them, not typical of other Roguelikes. I suppose it's not correct to call it a Roguelike per se, since it lacks most features of such RPGs, even though it's randomly generated and LOOKS quite a bit like a Roguelike with its ASCII graphics. Anyways, the game was created in QuickBasic in approximately 7 hours, and includes the source code in the archive. NOTE: Use the WASD keys to move!

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