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Lost 2 screenshot
Lost 2 gameplay screenshot
lost2v11.zip - 113k - Run LOST2.EXE to play
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Lost 2 is an obscure sequel to an unavailable (as far as I know) QuickBasic-created ASCII adventure game. This is a demo, so it's unfortunately unfinished, but there is still plenty to explore. As mentioned it uses text mode, specifically MCGA mode 13h, aka "SCREEN 13" in QBasic & spinoffs, which is usually used for 256-color graphics. The graphics here are ugly, even for a text mode game. But there is an inventory system, many different screens to explore, and you can also talk with people and choose different dialogue options. A walkthrough is included in the WALKTHRU.TXT file.
Arrows Move
L Look at something you're standing beside
G Get at something you're standing beside
T Talk to someone you're standing beside
I Inventory

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